Great Start...

Petra Spillman M.A. (Management and Leadership) is an intercultural identity coach, entrepreneur, marathon runner, author, publisher, mentor, mother and wife of a former U.S. Air Force Commander.
Ms. Spillman worked at the age of 25 as Deutsche Bank's "Head of Internal Euro Communication" and was therefore responsible for the internal Euro communication throughout the entire institution.
After finishing her assignment, she emigrated to the United States and took the role as first lady for her husband's U.S. AirForce Squadron. Over the next decade, she volunteered to take care of the morale of more than 1,200 AirForce personnel and their families. Ms. Spillman taught at the same time intercultural and strategic marketing at the Masters level in Universities in the USA and Germany.

She has learned to optimize simplicity and creativity with great success. Her passion is to inspire people to believe in themselves and never give up, true to her motto:
"Only when you know who you are, you will know where you are going."
In her trainings, seminars and lectures, she delights her participants with humor, storytelling and entertaining visual mediation of her success knowledge.


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