Purposed to Inspire...

Petra Spillman M.A. has inspired positive, "impossible" change in every civilian, and military organization as well as personal lives she has been welcomed to.


Her "never give up" attitude and ability to find humor even in the toughest situations has encouraged thousands and has earned her respect of many high-ranking leaders in the military as well as the private sector. 


Ms. Spillman has worked at the age of 25 as Deutsche Bank's "Head of Internal Euro Communication" and was responsible for the Internal Euro Communication and campaign branding worldwide. 

Over a decade, she has served as First Lady for her husband's U.S. Air Force Squadrons (unit comprising a number of military aircraft and their aircrews) taking care of the morale of more than 1,200 Air Force personnel and their families in different parts of the U.S.A..

Petra Spillman is also well known for her unconventional ways for getting results in the U.S. and German academic fields, where she has taught intercultural and strategic marketing at the Masters level


She has a gift of getting individuals, teams, and organizations on "one accord", allowing them to perform above their own-set limitations. 


As a result of her passion for a good challenge, especially when she is told: "this is impossible," she has experienced amazing breakthroughs and successes in perceived "hopeless" situations. 


Petra is looking for those who desire to break free from the "impossible" and are ready for "one of a kind" out-of-the-box coaching, inspiration or presentation (MC'ing).



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