Story Telling - more than fairy tales

Go ahead and build me an Ark!

Have you ever felt like Noah when he was commissioned to build an ark in the desert? His first thoughts: "What is an ark? What do you need it for? ... and even better, how does it work?" Such situations are more or less familiar to some of you. Throughout my life, I have known these impossible challenges very well and have learned not to focus on the things I lack, but use whatever is available to me! 

I believe that the truth sets people free. Just as light casts out the darkness. My specialty is "no sugar coating", which is to address things only a few dare to address. However, these things are necesssary to position people effectively.  

Inspiring with Substance 

There is much to talk about! Many stories are beautiful, but sometimes not applicable to your own life! Inspiring with substance - being able to guide you with real steps that you can apply to your own destiny - is important to me!



Raising up the Roof!

Normal? Status quo? Always like that? No way, Jose!

Life is too short to be bored! The time we spend together you will never get back - me neither!

Therefore effective and humorous training that encourages you to question "the normal" in a very short time!