Presentation (MC'ing) of Events and Seminars

- Great atmosphere from the beginning to the end of your event or seminar.

- Objective presentation without hysterical hype.

- Accessibility with an open ear and creative input.



Personal and Leadership Coaching 

- Leading you with a lot of humor, common sense and a bit of "kick-ass" out of your comfort zones.
- The possibility to give you another perspective!
- How do you effectively deal with your employees and thus achieve an increase in potential?


CEO Shadowing 

- I accompany you in your daily tasks and monitor your impact on your employees and colleagues to give you productive feedback.
- Ready for your next level ?!


Conflict Management for Teams 

- Identify problem analysis and real situations.
- Find "impossible" solutions together and implement them together.
- How do you increase productivity and improve your team climate?

Image coaching (cut, color - "caramba")

- Recognize your true value and learn to communicate effectively.
- How do you present yourself correctly to achieve what you want?
- How do you increase your satisfaction factor?





Let's go - your time is now!

Take off your high heels and put on your running shoes - I mean that literally!


I am looking for people who are tired of always realizing the dreams of others.


It's your turn!
Are you ready?
Let's go!


Looking forward to meeting you!