Petra Spillman is an unshakable optimist. She believes that, as Peter could walk on water, so can Petra! No matter, if she speaks to a four-star General, a multimillionaire, a CEO or a homeless person on the street, treating them the same is a given for her.  
Petra Spillman is leading the "purposed 2 inspire"  movement to encourage people to go deeper - not being satisfied with a simple "Impossible" or "I can't". She believes that there is always an "I'm possible" and "I can" in everyone. Leading people on their individual level to success is her passion!



Motivator | Purposed 2 Inspire


Petra Spillman loves to see people soar! She lives for those moments when her students, Airmen, friends or colleagues achieve something that seemed unreachable for them.  The more impossible the situation the louder she will encourage from the sidelines. She is convinced that everything you will ever need in your life you have already received when you were created. Stepping off that cliff, leaping into the unknown with your wings spread wide, will allow you to recognize who you really are and what you were actually made of! You were made to soar!


Mentor | Only Orginals will make history!


Petra's desire for everyone is to live in the revelation that they are an original! Due to the fact that fulfilling your purpose is only possible as an original!

She loves to take the seemingly "imperfect" and turn it into "I'm perfect". Ms Spillman is passionate for people to see for themselves their roots of fears and doubt which are hindering them from  using their full potential. She is facinated with people and organizations who have overcome great obstacles and live without excuses or procrastination! 


Marathoner | Finishing your race


Ms Spillman has the unique ability to take people by their hand and empower them to overcome their own set limits. She will go above and beyond to encourage others to become overcomers and more than conquerors in their marathon situations. She has learned that it is not important that you finish first - but that you win your own race by never giving up. Petra Spillman is still passionate about getting up before sunrise and training with those who train with and for a higher purpose!

It is only impossible, when you give up!